Poland / 2020 / documentary / 29' / National Competition

A beautiful and moving film about a difficult love. Atmospheric, fleeting animations and VHS home video footage bring back careless moments of the past. But happy childhood is only an illusion covering up difficult memories. A fairy-tale atmosphere transforms into a horror at the wave of a magic wand as the beloved daddy, under the influence of his illness, turns into a monster. An attempt to understand his frightening metamorphosis will take up years of the author's life; one of the results of the painful process will be the film presenting this sad and beautiful story.

directed by
Maryia YakimovichQ&A guest

Born in Minsk in Belarus, she developed a special interest in watercolours at the start of her artistic endeavours. After graduation from the secondary art school in Minsk she moved to Krakow, where she earned her degree from the Academy of Fine Arts. She is a watercolour painter, book illustrator and animator. She has taken part in numerous art exhibitions and she often travels as a street artist creating works that attract clients around the world. Her filmography includes "Once in the Tram" (2013), "Muse" (2014), "Kuzya" (2018) and "Papa" (2020).

Maryia Yakimovich
Maryia Yakimovich
animated by
Maryia Yakimovich
Czesław Yakimovich, Iryna Yakimovich, Maryia Yakimovich, Valeria Zaharulka, Vatslawa Zaharulka
Michal Papara
Michal Papara
Maryia Yakimovich, Wojciech Słota
Robert Sowa (Akademia Sztuk Pięknych im.Jana Matejki w Krakowie)