Baikonur. Earth

Italy / 2019 / documentary / 76' / Docs+Science

The Baikonur Cosmodrome developed in the 1950s is the birthplace of the myth of Soviet space exploration and the symbol of its growth and decline followed by partial resurrection. It is from this spaceport that Sputnik satellites, Laika the dog and Yuri Gagarin were launched into space. Baikonur symbolises the unachieved utopia of man’s peaceful presence outside Earth, but this desert region of Kazakhstan, crossed by the Silk Road in the past, is also the place where other myths have been building up. Andreo Sorinini’s camera captures its surreal landscape in a poetic, albeit not sentimental way.

Partner of Docs+Science section
directed by
Andrea Sorini

Gabriele De Palo
Eliseo Acanfora, Andrea Sorini
animated by
Marco Tripodi
Carlo Purpura
Francesco Fabbri
Andrea Gori (Lumen Films), Claudio Esposito (The Piranesi Experience srl)
Baikonur. Earth