He Can't Live Without Cosmos

Russia / 2019 / animated / 16' / Short Film Competition

Konstantin Bronzit returns to take the viewers to space again. His Oscar-nominated animation of 2014 was about two friends who wanted to become astronauts. This time the director shows a story of a woman and her son who is born … in a space suit. The boy's dreams of a space flight are toned down by his mother as space has already taken someone away from her. A moving animation about growing up, desires, and the destiny that cannot be deceived. It is also a story of love, sacrifice and loneliness told with sensitivity and subtle humour.

directed by
Konstantin BronzitQ&A guest

Born in 1965 in St. Petersburg. He graduated from the Saint Petersburg Academy of Arts (1983) and the Saint Petersburg Art and Industry Academy (1992) and completed High Courses for scriptwriters and directors in Moscow two years later. His achievements include over ten short films which, in total, won about 200 different awards. In 2001 he was nominated for the César Award for “At the Ends of the Earth” and in 2009 he obtained an Oscar nomination for the short animation “Lavatory – Lovestory”.

Konstantin Bronzit
Konstantin Bronzit
animated by
Vera Shiganova, Yulya Trofimova
Valentin Vassenkov
Vladimir Golounin
Konstantin Bronzit
Alexander Boyarsky, Sergey Selyanov ("melnitsa" Animation Studio)
He Can't Live Without Cosmos