Go and Tell Her

Poland / 2019 / fiction / 18' / National Competition

Late summer in the borderland between Poland and Ukraine and a story about the blossoming sexuality of the youth. Zoja comes to Poland to sell goods at a local market together with her older brother. Yet, she prefers to meet Iśka, a friend she has not seen for a long time, rather than work. The teenage girl has just buried her father. The closeness that is born between the girls is misinterpreted by one of them. Or, maybe, the girl is just afraid of her own desires? Director Aleksandra Maciejczyk enters the intimate sphere of emotions and subtly balances between the portrait of the identity which is being born and the picture of the life at the meeting point between two cultures and countries.

directed by
Aleksandra MaciejczykQ&A guest

Born in 1993, graduate of the Film School in Łódź. She has taken part in MIDPOINT scriptwriting workshops. Her documentary diploma "Connected" was screened at such prestigious festivals as IDFA and Hot Docs and awarded with the Silver Dragon at the 59th Krakow Film Festival. She is currently working on the feature documentary "Debut" produced by Lava Films.

Maciej Edelman
Justyna Bilik
Diana Fedoriaka, Maria Pilch, Alexandr Sokolenko
Teoniki Rożynek
Paweł Idzikowski, Rafał Nowak
Kamil Grzybowski
Agata Golańska (Polish National Film School in Łódź)
Go and Tell Her