That Which Is to Come Is Just a Promise

The Netherlands, Italy, New Zealand / 2019 / documentary / 22' / Docs+Science

A trance film made by the Italian-German artistic collective Flatform (Anna Maria Martena and Roberto Taroni). This is how they describe their work: ‘The protagonists are the land and the sea, at least to the same extent as people and things that suffer as a result of changes. It is a poetic interpretation of the transformation of the territory, the way of life and culture’. This perfectly edited sequence of intermingling takes is a not a technical game, but a reflection on the age of man – the Anthropocene. The changes related to it, the periods of draughts and floods, reach as far as Funafuti, an island in the archipelago of Tuvalu lost somewhere in the Pacific.

Partner of Docs+Science section
directed by

Marc Thelosen, Catherine Fitzgerald (Seriousfilm), Giulia Achilli (Blueskin Films), Marco Alessi (Dugong Films)
That Which Is to Come Is Just a Promise