Are You There

The Netherlands / 2019 / documentary / 89' / Docs+Science

In her childhood, Maartje Nevejan suffered from epileptic seizures during which she had the sensation of non-existence, temporary inability to participate in the world. What was surprising was that she retained her memory of this state. Today, the Dutch artist confronts the enigma of space void in the multimedia project of which the film is a small but focal part. Is the mental world real? Where are we when we are not here? Can you share similar experiences with others? If yes, what means of expressions are the best to do it? Nevejan engages artists and scientists as well as spectators in her projects.

Partner of Docs+Science section
directed by
Maartje Nevejan

Jean Counet
Maartje Nevejan
Alex Simu
Gys Zevenbergen
Willemijn Cerutti (Cerutti Film)
Are You There