On the Top Tyrryry

Poland / 2019 / documentary / 60' / Polish Documentary Panorama

‘Integrity gives us power and smashes the barriers in front of us’. Please, meet the band On the Top made of fierce rock ‘n’ rollers and authentic rebels. Some members of the group are mentally disabled, some of them are residents of social welfare homes, but thanks to their great passion and the involvement of several ‘normals’ they do what they like best and they are really good at it. The films draws inspiration from the inexhaustible energy and the sense of humour of its protagonists and, at the same time, asks questions about the definition of normality.

directed by
Renata KijowskaQ&A guest

Łukasz Herod, Grzegorz Głupczyk
Renata Kijowska
animated by
Robert Ciodyk
Adam Kwiatkowski Q&A guest, Robert Wasiak Q&A guest, Krzysztof Nowicki Q&A guest, Wojciech Retz Q&A guest, Jacek Wiczyński Q&A guest, Renata Cebeniak, Igor Szweda, Anna Wasiak, Paulina Barczyk
Marcin Czapka, Mirosław Gibas, Tomasz Sikora
Robert Ciodyk
Anna Kokoszka - Romer (TVN)
On the Top Tyrryry