Solar Voyage

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‘This is a film about Mirek Lech, a visionary, inventor, extreme traveller and a champion of renewable energy sources’. The portrait of an unconventional protagonist takes on an unconventional form: a parody of a documentary essay with elements of friendly humour. From Pcim to Slovakia, from Slovakia to Greece and from there straight to Africa, where this man, not so young anymore, wants to find a job in a solar power plant and a future wife. Solar energy and a warm narrative are two indispensable elements of this imaginative study of Mirek Lech.

directed by
Q&A guest, portret reżysera
Adam Żądło

An audiovisual artist, born in 1993. He graduated from the Faculty of Graphic Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. He specialises in animation, computer games, photography, and film. He grew up in the countryside, combining his experience of farming with the latest technologies. He actively supported scientific circles involved in the construction of cyborg and space exploration. Winner, finalist and participant of international festivals, competitions, and exhibitions (including Sony World Photography Awards, Photo Contest, ADOBE ADAA, Sitges IFF).

Michał Sosna
Adam Żądło
animated by
Adam Żądło
Jacek Łukaszewski, Krzysztof Piątkowski
Barbara Kapica, Piotr Madej
Adam Żądło
Ewa Jastrzębska, Jerzy Kapuściński (Munk Studio - Polish Filmmakers Association)
Kadr z filmu Solar Voyage