Crime and Punishment

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A young man decides to rob and kill an old usurer. In this screening of a novel by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, suggestive graphics are emphasised by expressive music by Janusz Hajdun. It is an adaptation of a literary work without a single word where the music determines the narration flow to a large extent. Dumała has dreamt about this adaptation for a long time and treated earlier films as exercises preceding this film adaptation. A Gentle Spirit taught him to seamlessly transform one image into another, while Franz Kafka – to develop action in a parallel manner on many platforms. The result was a film captivating the viewer with its atmosphere, on the one hand, and narration flow, on the other.

directed by
Piotr Dumała

Piotr Dumała – animated and feature film director and graphic artist. He was born in 1956. His films, including A Gentle Creature (1985), Freedom of the Leg (1988), Franz Kafka (1991) and Crime and Punishment (2000) won over 70 awards at international festivals (among others, in Kraków, Zagreb, Annecy). In 2009 he made his feature debut The Forest. Dumała teaches at the Film School in Łódź, Konstfack College in Eksjo and Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Jan Maciej Ptasiński
Piotr Dumała
animated by
Piotr Dumała
Janusz Hajdun
Katarzyna Rudnik
Marek Nowowiejski (Bow & Axe Ent.)
Kadr z filmu Crime and Punishment