Dr Charakter presents II

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Two years after making an effective pure nonsense animation Dr Character Presents, a pastiche of talk-shows with interviews with interesting people, Dumała returned to his protagonist. This time, the eponymous doctor invites even weirder guests. Dr Character talks to a man who taught an ant to eat with a knife and a fork within 25 years, Helen the machine who loves ironing or an older man looking for an English tap and die. It is a sign of the times that television increasingly shows not just interesting but weird individuals.

directed by
Piotr Dumała

Piotr Dumała – animated and feature film director and graphic artist. He was born in 1956. His films, including A Gentle Creature (1985), Freedom of the Leg (1988), Franz Kafka (1991) and Crime and Punishment (2000) won over 70 awards at international festivals (among others, in Kraków, Zagreb, Annecy). In 2009 he made his feature debut The Forest. Dumała teaches at the Film School in Łódź, Konstfack College in Eksjo and Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Piotr Dumała
animated by
Piotr Dumała
Jerzy Płażewski
Wojciech Lemański
Robert Rząca
(Serafiński Studio)
Kadr z filmu Dr Charakter presents II