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The eponymous walls belong to a grey prison building – a symbol of cruel, yet fearful rule of President Lukashenko. Families of the detained are standing in front of the building, they are mostly women supporting political prisoners: their husbands, brothers and sons. Andrei Kutsila's film, produced by Belsat TV, provides us with an insight into emotions and the psychological condition of the Belarusian society. It also shows mechanisms of stifling resistance – one of them is depriving relatives of any information about the detained. Uncertainty and longing give rise to wrath.

directed by
Q&A guest, portret reżysera
Andrei Kutsila

Film director and journalist He was born in 1983 in Baranowicze, Belarus. In 2007 he earned a degree in Journalism from the Belorusian State University and two years later he graduated from the Belorussian State Academy of Arts. He has taken part in many international master courses, including Berlinale Talents and IDFAcademy. He is a laureate of the Gaude Polonia scholarship of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage. He collaborates with numerous film studios and television stations. In 2019 he received a number of awards, including the Silver Hobby Horse at the 59th Kraków Film Festival for his picture "Summa".

Andrei Kutsila
Andrei Kutsila
Andrei Kutsila
Beata Krasicka (Telewizja Biełsat)
Kadr z filmu Walls