Where Man Returns

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Steinar, who is almost 80, lives alone in the northernmost outpost of Europe – in an ice land near the Norwegian and Russian border. His only companion is a dog, while occasional phone calls from his family substitute for contact with the outside world. To survive, he needs to eat what he can hunt, collect and prepare by himself. He also does all the work around the house. This is the place where Steinar found peace and freedom, but at the same time he has to continuously contend with hostile forces of nature in this part of the world.

directed by
Q&A guest, portret reżysera
Egil Håskjold-Larsen

Film director and cinematographer. He was born in 1984 in Norway. He is a graduate of Photography from Anadolu University and Film Directing from Volda University. For a few years he has worked as a cinematographer of documentary and feature films. As a director, he has debuted with “69 Minutes of 86 Days”, a national and international award-winner at such festivals as, among others, Hot Docs, Sheffield Doc Fest and Copenhagen Docs.

Egil Håskjold-Larsen
Egil Håskjold-Larsen
Christian Wallumrød
Mik Stampe
Racha Helen Larsen (Yellow Log)
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