It Wasn't the Right Mountain, Mohammad

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Abraham, Isaac, a lost shepherd and a herd of antelopes appear in this ancient story that was transferred to the new digital world in which no one is innocent and things that we are looking for, and eventually find, are doomed to be lost again. It is a story about the absurdity of faith, existence and nature, but also about beauty, love and hope. EFA nominee at Berlin.

directed by
Q&A guest, portret reżysera
Mili Pecherer

She was born in 1988 in Israel. One day she left her homeland and since then she has been travelling with her camera capturing her meetings with people and animals. So far, she has been to Finland, Russia, Spain and France. She is supported by many institutions, including the Bezalel Academy, VGIK, Lahti University of Applied Sciences, BilbaoArte and Le Fresnoy. At present, she lives in Marseille.

Mili Pecherer
Mili Pecherer
animated by
Alexis Hallaert
Eliav Varda
Arno Ledoux, Mederic Corroyer
Mili Pecherer, Jean Hubert
Bertrand Scalabre (Le Fresnoy - Studio National Des Arts Contemporains)
Kadr z filmu It Wasn't the Right Mountain, Mohammad