Things that Happen in the Bathroom

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For Jak, the bathroom is a refuge where he can exist without the need to wear a mask that he presents to the world every day. Here, he performs the rituals of styling, cleansing and finding comfort. Here, he discovers his queer identity. But when he is raped by his new lover, his sense of personal autonomy is crushed. The film explores the issues of loneliness, sexual uncertainty and expectations. EFA nominee at the Cork International Film Festival

directed by
Q&A guest, portret reżysera
Edward Hancox

Film director. He was born in the UK. He studied Film Production at the University of Texas in Austin. He has directed 219 (2016), a documentary, and the short feature film “Things That Happen in the Bathroom” (2019). Currently, he is working as a freelance director for the BBC and Channel 4 based in Bristol.

Huay-Bing Law
Edward Hancox
John-Calvin Pierce, Hank Freeman
Morgan Honaker, Miles Foster-Greenwood
Jess Rodop, Bita Ghassemi
Maggie Bailey, Edward Hancox (Films that Happen)
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