The World of Thinking

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Founded in 1930, the Institute for Advanced Studies was to be an idyll with its employees and fellows relieved of any duties but one - thinking unique thoughts. Is this last harbour of Albert Einstein implementing this aim or has it become a utopia where the unspoken pressure of society becomes a reason for obsession? This insightful documentary presents the most intimate moments of practicing science – its beauty and ruthlessness.

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Q&A guest, portret reżysera
Misha Wessel

She studied Dutch Philology and Journalism at the University of Amsterdam. She has worked on various productions for NOS Sport, Andere Tijden Sport and Holland Sport. In 2013, together with Thomas Blom, she developed the documentary “”Het geheim van Lubbers and in 2015, the diptych “De strijd van Kok”. Their film “De wetten van Cees Priem” has been nominated to De Tegel, a journalistic prize, in the category of the best European scientific document at the Silbersalz film festival.

Thomas Blom

He graduated with honours from the Audiovisual Department at the St. Joost School of Art & Design in the Netherlands. He has developed several documentaries as a freelance director and worked for such programmes as Andere Tijden, Zembla and Andere Tijden Sport. In his work he combines a scientific approach and imagination. On his productions he has travelled to such countries as Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Libya. His documentaries are regularly broadcast by foreign television stations.

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