The Shift

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Anna takes her dog on a morning walk before she goes shopping. At the supermarket the woman is trying to find the cheapest items and gives up on little pleasures. When she is close to the checkout counter, she gets a phone call from work. It turns out she has lost her job. The film shows a difficult situation of a temporary employee as seen by a young woman who is hopeless when her life falls into pieces within one moment. EFA nominee at Venice.

directed by
Q&A guest, portret reżysera
Laura Carreira

She was born in 1994 in Portugal. She earned her degree in Audiovisual Communication from the António Arroio School of Arts in Lisbon and in Film Directing from Edinburgh College of Art at the University of Edinburgh. She was selected for BellRock Writing Residency 2019 and took part in the BellRock 2019 directing workshops held by Gyula Gazdaga. Her film “The Shift” premiered at the 77th International Film Festival in Venice where it won a nomination to EFA 2020.

Karl Kürten
Laura Carreira
Anna Russell-Martin
Laura Carreira
John Cobban
Florian Nonnenmacher
Maeve Mcmahon, Mhairi Valentine (MTP)
Kadr z filmu The Shift