Last Chance

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Sara says that anorexia took away 8 years of her life. And she is aware that this is the last moment when she can really change something. She takes the opportunity of staying at a closed facility for girls and women with eating disorders. During comprehensive psychotherapy the protagonist tries to work over her problems and improve her relations with family members. Above all, she wants to recover so that she can continue to live and fulfill her dreams about her private life. The film is an intimate recording of this process.

directed by
Q&A guest, portret reżysera
Wiktoria Niewiadomska

Third-year student of Film Directing at the Warsaw Film School. So far, she has primarily worked as a director of film studies and school projects. She has always wanted to make the cinema that matters focusing on people and their problems. For her, a film is an encounter with another human being. She loves all audiovisual forms that inspire reflection, emotions and change in the viewer.

Monika Rakowska
Wikoria Niewiadomska
Sara Szymańska, Aleksandra Podorska, Grażyna Szymańska
Jakub Ochnio, Patryk Wielocha
Malwina Wodzicka
Maciej Ślesicki (Warsaw Film School)
Kadr z filmu Last Chance