The Last Room on the Left

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‘I’m here because of the add’ – a boy in foggy glasses wearing a warm hat explains the reason for his unexpected visit to an irritated landlady. When it turns out that he is solvent, hostility gives place to effusive cordiality. The woman invites him inside. Is it really the room he was looking for? Or, maybe, it is a trap out of which he will not manage to get out? Adrian Apanel’s film is a crazy adventure during which anything can happen. It includes black humour, a screeching floor, a dark villa with its strange residents, moments of terror and laughter. The film is a real treat in its genre.

directed by
Q&A guest, portret reżysera
Adrian Apanel

Film director and screenwriter He is a graduate of the Gdynia Film School. He debuted with his school documentary project “Unbreakables” at the 54th Kraków Film Festival. During his university education he started collaboration with the National Audiovisual Institute directing documentaries for the Institute. His diploma film “Rap Braders”, a suspenseful comedy, has been screened at many international festivals winning the acclaim of festival audiences in the US, India and the Caribbean, among others.

Ernest Wilczyński
Adrian Apanel
Jakub Zając, Agnieszka Warchulska, Anna Seniuk, Marian Opania, Sebastian Perdek, Sonia Mietielica, Michał Piela, Paulina Gałązka
Marcin Popławski, Agata Chodyra
Iza Pająk
Ewa Jastrzębska, Jerzy Kapuściński (Munk Studio - Polish Filmmakers Association)
Kadr z filmu The Last Room on the Left