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A little boy dreams of becoming a professional hockey player. Unfortunately, one day he is forced to give up on his passion. His love for sports is revived after several decades when he has his own son. While shopping for a Christmas gift for the boy, the man’s childhood memories return; the main player in them is his constantly drunk father. In this low-key and minimalist animation the present is intertwined with flashbacks. A hockey game to the rhythm of the Russian ‘Kalinka’ song is not only about dreams but also about building a relationship between a father and a son.

directed by
Q&A guest, portret reżysera
Vladimir Leschiov

Artist, producer and animated film director He was born in 1970 in Latvia. A graphic artist by profession, he graduated from an artistic school in Riga and also studied Animation in Eksjo, Sweden. He has created commercial animation working for television stations, made music videos and animated commercials. Since 2007 he has had his own animation studio Lunohod. In his films, he is looking for balance between traditional narration and fantasy, sometimes quite abstract.

Vladimir Leschiov
Vladimir Leschiov
animated by
Vladimir Leschiov, Liga Skirmane-Lescova
Normand Roger
Pierre Yves Drapeau
Vladimir Leschiov
Vladimir Leschiov (LUNOHOD)
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