Turbo Love

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How to find an ideal boyfriend? The Turbo Love application comes to rescue – you may create a man of your dreams there and design a perfect date. A video blogger tells us about options that the app can provide us with. It turns out, however, that not everything works smoothly. This funny animation, a parody of the blogosphere, influencers and Internet tips, also shows that the front of a perfect life in the social media often hides falsehood and loneliness. It dispels hope that there is a special ‘turbo’ button – you simply cannot take shortcuts in relationships.

directed by
Q&A guest, portret reżysera
Alicja Jasina

Animated film director She earned her BA from Kingston University in London and MA from the University of Southern California. Her films have been awarded at festivals across the world and her short film "Once Upon a Line" was shortlisted for the Academy Award in 2017. She is interested in the exploration of the possibilities offered by animation. Her creations are unique, conceptual and full of humour. Additionally, she works on commercial projects for such clients as Disney, Airbnb or Swiss Life.

Filip Gonciarek, Michał Targoński
Alicja Jasina
animated by
Alicja Jasina
Dominika Kachlik, Juliusz Godzina
Filip Kuncewicz
Jan Turżański
Alicja Jasina
Ewa Jastrzębska, Jerzy Kapuściński (Munk Studio - Polish Filmmakers Association)
Kadr z filmu Turbo Love