No Man Is an Island

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Carlos, Erffan and Amir meet after a longer separation to spend a day together over a river. In a sleepy atmosphere they are sipping beer and swimming in the river. In the meantime they reminisce about the old times, the inconveniences of an immigrant’s life, national identity and racism. In the evening they are visited by a drunk stranger who introduces himself as Jesus and joins in the conversation. Soon, it will turn out that the positive message he has brought will be understood contrary to his intentions.

directed by
Ali Parandian

Film director, pedagogue, music and sound producer. He was born in 1982 in Teheran, Iran, and raised in Norway. He studied Sound Design at the Norwegian Film School. He is a guest lecturer at Kristiania College in Oslo. He is involved in sound design, sound installations and composing music for film, theatre and dance productions. His first short film “No Man Is an Island” received the Amanda Award for the best short film in 2018.

Runar Sørheim
Ali Parandian
Arman Surizehi, Khalid Mahamoud, Bhkie Male, Elias Peña Corral
Ali Parandian
Ali Parandian
Ali Parandian (Anicca Pictures)
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