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Final days of holidays. Issi and Astrid, two teenage girls, are going out in the evening. They have one aim – to have fun and use this opportunity to find a boy for Issi with whom she will be able to experience her first time. This is when mysterious Rashid appears on their path and offers them to visit a friendly club where the girls will meet his friend. The chances for the implementation of the plan seem to be nearer. When things are beginning to gain pace, suddenly a conflict arises between the two girls.

directed by
Thea Hvistendahl

She graduated from Film Directing at WSoC in Oslo in 2013. She specialised in music videos, short films and commercials. In December 2017 her first film “Adjø Montebello” won four nominations to Amanda Awards. Her short film “Virgins4Lyfe” has competed in SXSW (2019).

Pål Ulvik Rokseth
Thea Hvistendahl, Sofia Lersol Lund
Thomas Trælnes
Andrea B. Ottmar (Frokost Film)
Kadr z filmu Virgins4lyfe