Mother Didn't Know

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An exhausted girl, trying to isolate herself from the reality, hides in an abandoned, huge silo. She is not trying to leave it because she is not strong enough to do it. She does not even notice that there is a ladder next to the wall. Is there anything that will lend meaning to her life? The silo in the animation is a metaphor of depressed children. They cannot help themselves and their parents do not realise what is going on in the children’s minds. In a subtle, yet suggestive way, the animation, employing poignant music by Zbigniew Preisner, shows problems that the youngest have to face.

directed by
Anita Killi

She was born in 1968 in Norway. She studied Illustration and Graphic Design at the Norwegian National College of Art and Design and after that, Animation and Documentary Film at Volda University College. In 1996 she earned a degree in Animation from the National Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo. She runs her own animation studio Trollfilm AS. Her films “Sinna Mann” and “Tornehekken” have been awarded at film festivals.

Morten Skallerud
Marianne Bundaard Nielsen, Anita Killi
animated by
Jens Jonathan Gulliksen
Zbigniew Preisner
Simen Gengenbach
Marita Mayer, Anita Killi (Trollfilm)
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