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Unexpectedly, joyful scenes of children playing and dancing turn into an account of traumatic memories from the past. Mother, who was once circumcised, must perform the same procedure on her daughter. Will she be able to defy the tradition? The animation, referring to the style of children’s fairy tales, presents the problem afflicting many girls worldwide and points out how difficult it is to reject the rituals and stand up to your community. The circle of life is transformed into the circle of suffering, passed on from one generation to the next.

directed by
Q&A guest, portret reżysera
Subarna Das

She grew up in Calcutta and, because of her love for drawing, she enrolled in the multimedia course at St. Xavier’s College in Calcutta. After graduation she went on to study at the Department of Animation at the Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute. “Mother” is her first animated film presented at the festival in Annecy.

Subarna Das
Subarna Das
animated by
Subarna Das
Sayantan Ghosh
Sethu Venugopalan
Kartikey Singh Kavia
Subarna Das (Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute)
Kadr z filmu Mother