Bad Mood

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Her mum makes 5 euro an hour. She works in one place as long as her employer is alive. Then she finds another one. Sometimes a person dies in her presence, then she is in a bad mood. Her mum is a domestic help, taking care of the elderly. The animation shows the Italian elderly care system as well as work and its impact on one’s family, as seen by a child. Fluorescent colours, a ticking clock and looped scenes create a psychedelic story about the repetitiveness of human life and death.

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directed by
Q&A guest, portret reżysera
Loris Giuseppe Nese

Film director, screenwriter, cinematographer and animator He comes from Italy. His first short film “Those Bad Things” was awarded at the 75th Film Festival in Venice and in the Sundance Film Festival 2019 competition. His short animated film “Bad Mood” was awarded at Dok Leipzig 2020 and at the Torino Film Festival. Currently, he is working on his first feature film.

Loris Giuseppe Nese
Loris Giuseppe Nese
animated by
Loris Giuseppe Nese
Davide Maresca
Davide Maresca
Chiara Marotta
Chiara Marotta, Loris Giuseppe Nese (Lapazio Film)
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