98 kg

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People applaud you because you are so strong that you can lift a 98 kilo barbell. They do not know that, behind the closed door, you use your strength to beat your wife. A terrifying animation about home violence and a complicated relationship that is difficult to get away from. In the animation, minimalist means of artistic expression and visual metaphors are used instead of literal scenes, which allows the viewers to focus on the core of the problem. The red colour seems like a cry of despair of a woman in a toxic relationship when she cannot bear the burden of living with her pathological husband any longer.

directed by
Q&A guest, portret reżysera
Izabela Plucińska

Animation film director Born in Poland, she currently lives in Germany. She is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź (in the field of Design) and Film Animation from the Cinematography Department of the Film School in Łódź, where she also earned her PhD in Animation. Her filmography includes "Jam Session" (2005) – a winner of the Silver Bear at the International Film Festival in Berlin, "Esterhazy" (2009), "Sexy Laundry" (2015) and "Portrait of Suzanne" (2019). At present, she is a lecturer at the Arts Academy in Szczecin and runs her own production company ClayTraces. She specialises in plasticine animation. "98 kg" was her first animation film.

Izabela Plucińska
Izabela Plucińska
animated by
Izabela Plucińska
Andrea Martignoni
Andrea Martignoni
Daniela Kinateder
(Las Sztuki Foundation)
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