In a Knot

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They are unable to live together, but they also cannot live in complete separation from each other – this is the picture of her grandparents that their granddaughter is trying to assemble standing behind the camera. They split 30 years ago. He stayed in Warsaw and she moved to Berlin. Nevertheless, they keep calling each other and are involved in each other’s everyday matters. Although the age difference between them is insignificant, the autumn of life is completely different for the grandma and the grandpa. How is it possible that two people with such different temperaments and lifestyles are able to remain in close contact?

directed by
Q&A guest, portret reżysera
Aleksandra Sykulak

Screenwriter and documentary film director. She was born in 1992. She is a graduate of the University College London and the Wajda School of Warsaw, where she developed her directing debut “It Is All Not So Easy”at the Documentary Department under the tutelage of Marcel Łoziński. At present, she is studying at the National Film and Television School.

Aleksandra Sykulak
Aleksandra Sykulak
Zofia Moruś
Adriana F. Castellanos
Aleksandra Sykulak (The Only Child Pictures)
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