When We Were Bullies

USA, Germany2021documentary30'
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An archival educational film and an accidental meeting with a friend from school bring back memories from the 1960s when the director was in the fifth year of elementary school. At that time he participated in a shameful incident. Together with other students, he tormented mentally and physically a class scape goat. Today, he gets in touch with other participants of the event to find out what they remember from the past. Found footage, school photographs, animations and recordings of conversations make a poignant story about the feeling of guilt and an attempt to redeem it.

directed by
Q&A guest, portret reżysera
Jay Rosenblatt

American experimental film director who has been working as a freelance filmmaker since 1980. He has made over 30 films. He is a fellow of the Guggenheim and Rockefeller Foundation. His films have received numerous awards at international festivals. His retrospective was organized, among others, during the New York Film Forum and at MoMA in New York. His work has often been critically reviewed, including in the New York Times and such magazines as Sight&Sound and Filmmaker. He is the programming director of the Jewish Film Festival in San Francisco.

Kirsten Johnson, Ellie Mccutcheon, Jay Rosenblatt
Jay Rosenblatt
animated by
Jeremy Rourke
Richard J. Silberg, Mark Athitakis, Wendy Newman, Bobbi Bromberg
Erik Ian Walker
Judy Karp
Jay Rosenblatt
Jay Rosenblatt, Stefano Tealdi (Jay Rosenblatt Films)
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