Faith and Branko

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Free admission, limited number of seats. It was the Balkan Romani music that joined them when Faith came from the United Kingdom to Serbia to learn to play the accordion. Musical collaboration with a young violinist, Branek, resulted in their marriage despite the language barrier and cultural differences. Faith became a member of a colourful Romani family, but their departure from the Serbian village created entirely new complications. For seven years, the camera accompanied the couple who played concerts together and lived torn between two countries. Will they manage to save their love thanks to the passion they share?

directed by
Q&A guest, portret reżysera
Catherine Harte

Film director . She earned her MA in Documentary Film Directing from NFTS under the tutelage of Kim Longinotto and Sean McAllister. She also works as a PD and DV director for the BBC and Channel 4. “Faith and Branko” premiered at Sheffield Doc Fest 2020.

Catherine Harte
Catherine Harte
Faith Elliot and Branko Ristic
Dragan von Petrović, Ljubodrag Starovlah
Snezana van Hauvelingen (THIS AND THAT PRODUCTIONS), Catherine Harte
Kadr z filmu Faith and Branko