Is it a dream or reality, the past or the present, the sacred or the profane? Here is one of the most mysterious documentaries of the short film competition. Black and white, whispered by a child, a poetic film that soothes like the best ASMR and at the same time arouses slight anxiety like a good thriller. There is a coffin with an old woman, there are dolls and dark corridors, but there is also the beauty of nature and the sense of a community passing away. The director has managed to create a unique oneiric story about the disappearing world of a small Ruthenian community living in Slovakia, and all this within just a few minutes.

directed by
Q&A guest, portret reżysera
Barbora Bereznakova

Barbora Bereznakova is a film director and artist from Slovakia based in New York City, USA. Barbora’s work contextualizes contemporary social challenges through film, site-specific interventions, music videos, and video art installations. Her feature documentary debut, Never Happened, nominated for National Awards Slnko v Sieti 2020, premiered at Warsaw International Film Festival in 2019. She is currently developing her debut fiction film.

Barbora Bereznakova
Barbora Bereznakova
Lukas Kaspryk
Mate Csuport
Barbora Bereznakova (Znama firma), Eva Pavlovičová
Kadr z filmu Strigov