The Walls Can Talk

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Saura ends his cinematographic career with a documentary in which he pays homage to art. In his interviews with famous artists, such as sculptor and painter Miguel Barceló or graffiti artist Musa71, he is looking for an answer to the question about the nature of art. Together with them, he contemplates inspirations with old art in the activity of contemporary artists and conducts a philosophical dialogue on the relationship between an artist and the material, art and space. Eventually, he poses a provoking question: What constitutes the difference between modern murals in urban space and paintings in the caves of Altamira or Lascaux?

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Carlos Saura

Director, screenwriter, photographer and writer. He won the most prestigious cinema awards, and he also received The Gold Medal of the Spanish Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, The Order of Arts and Letters of France, and The Order of Merit of the Italian Republic.

Constanza Sandoval
Carlos Saura, José Morillas
Carlos Saura, Pedro Saura, Juan Luis Arsuaga, Miquel Barceló, Anna Dimitrova, Roberto Ontañón Peredo, ZETA , SUSO33 , MUSA71 , CUCO , GALLETAMARIA , ADN ANDREA, Alessia Innocenti, MOWCKA , Carola Bagnato
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