La Singla

Spain2023documentary90'Międzynarodowy konkurs DocFilmMusic (2023)

As a teenager, she was a great discovery in the flamenco world, not only because this deaf Roma girl from the outskirts of Barcelona was learning how to dance by sensing vibrations and imitating rhythm. She became a star of Europe’s stages due to her exceptionally passionate expression. She was painted by Salvador Dali, featured in an Oscar-nominated film and then disappeared for 50 years. What happened to her? Where did the fiery rage in her movements come from? A contemporary dancer walks in the footsteps of La Singla to discover the secret of her dancing style and absence.

directed by
Paloma Zapata, portret reżysera
Paloma Zapata

Director, editor and producer, Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master in Creative Documentary. In 2008 she founded her production company in Barcelona, La Fábrica Naranja. For more than a decade she developed a trajectory as an international music video and music documentary director.

Dani Mauri, Iñaki Gorraiz
Paloma Zapata
animated by
Susan Kreher
Juliane Heinemann
Paloma Zapata
Paloma Zapata (La Fábrica Naranja), Nadja Smith (Inselfilm Produktion)
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