Worldheritage - the Palace and its Fortress

Germany, Ghana2023documentary18'International Short Competition

Organised groups or individual visitors with or without a guide. A beautiful and well-preserved palace in Berlin is frequented by tourists who visit its chambers, admire the paintings and walk around the meticulously well-tended garden, while thousands kilometres away there stands a dilapidated fortress. It is also visited by groups, which are patiently instructed by a guide as to why such a unique building was erected in Ghana. Moritz Siebert’s film is a remarkable documentary essay. On the example of the two eponymous buildings, the director has managed to capture the essence of colonialism.

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Moritz SiebertQ&A guest

After studying medicine and cultural anthropology in Berlin, Moritz Siebert studied film at the National Film and Television School (NFTS) in the UK. He lives and works as a filmmaker and medical doctor in Berlin.

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