The Bus

Spain2022documentary30'International Short Competition

The bus is already crowded on the first stop. Have you ever thought who the people riding with you on the bus are? Sandra Reina decided to check it. The Spanish director took a camera on her suburban journey and started to shoot people around her. A man was reading a book, another one was looking at his mobile, some people interacted and told each other anecdotes or shared their life stories. Loud conversations were sometimes disturbing for other passengers. This closed area provided space for a temporary and very diverse micro community which ceased to exist the moment they arrived at the final stop.

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Sandra ReinaQ&A guest

Sandra Reina was born in 1988 in Barcelona. She is a Catalan film director. She has a degree in Audiovisual Communication from the Pompeu Fabra University. She started her career as a producer assistant, developing projects for Inicia Films, La Lupa Produccions or About a Bicycle Prod., and then became assistant director for feature films like ‘Lluc Sky Walker’ by Jaume Fargas, ‘One day I saw 10.000 elephants’ by Juan Pajares and Àlex Guimerà, or ‘Unicorns’ by Àlex Lora, and TV series as ‘Oh my goig’ and short films as ‘The Inner Code’ by Pau Subirós.

Aïda Torrent
Francisco Menchón, Sandra Reina
Tito Ripoll
Elodie Leuthold
Valerie Delpierre (Inicia Films S.L)
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