The Syrian Cosmonaut

Turkey2022documentary13'Międzynarodowy konkurs krótkometrażowy (2023)

In this story as if from a Hollywood blockbuster, a man went off into space and disappeared. This Syrian military member became the country’s first cosmonaut. His space mission was a success, but life on Earth turned out to be much harder. Not intending to be a humble citizen, hero Muhammad Faris turned into an enemy. Because of his criticism of the authoritarian regime, he was forced to leave his homeland, while his achievements were erased from history records. Fortunately, several archival photographs and some footage survived and the missing materials were replaced by animation and engaging stories told by Faris himself.

directed by
Charles Emir Richards, portret reżysera
Charles Emir Richards

Charles Emir Richards was born in San Francisco to a Turkish mother and American father growing up between both countries. He graduated from the Art Center College of Design with honors in film. He has been working on documentary projects including “No One”, the award winning story of a Syrian sniper that utilizes traditional Turkish shadow puppets. “The Syrian Cosmonaut” is his latest documentary effort that combines interviews with documentary footage with Turkish miniature art.

Charles Emir Richards
Charles Emir Richards
animated by
Murat Palta
Murat Ertel
Celal Kivanc, Ilkin Kitapcioglu
Khaled Nadim
Enis Ozkul (Mental Film)
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