Songs of Earth

Norway2023documentary90'Międzynarodowy konkurs dokumentalny (2023)

The director left her family home thirty years ago. Today, she returns to the mountainous region of Western Norway with a camera, walking in the footsteps of her parents and ancestors in order to answer the question: where do I come from? The film is an encounter with local history and, above all, the region’s pristine nature and the never-ending cycle of birth and death. The family story is transformed into a breadth-taking visual and auditory poem. Employing both a micro and macro scale, it reveals the world which is both intimate and very universal.

directed by
Margreth Olin, portret reżysera
Margreth Olin

Margreth Olin (1970) is a director and producer with a large cinema audience in Norway. She has made 13 films, which have received critical acclaim, participated at numerous festivals abroad, and won several Norwegian and international awards. Margreth has managed to catalyze important dialogues with the topics her films shed light on. She has personally received 26 honorary awards for her commitment and focus on human rights. Her new feature length documentary Songs of Earth (2023), this film is coproduced by BBC and SWR in cooperation with ARTE. Wim Wenders and Liv Ullmann are Executive Producers.

Lars Erlend Tubaas Oymo
Rebekka Karijord
Tormod Ringnes
Michał Leszczylowski
Margreth Olin (Speranza Film)
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