Spain2022documentary93'Fokus na Hiszpanię (2023)

The documentary shows the world of freediving competitors. It captures the everyday lives of Miguel Lozano and Tewfik Blaoui, champions of this little-known extreme sports discipline who are fiercely fighting the limitations of their own bodies. They train intensely, prepare for competitions and make successive attempts to break records at breath-hold diving. The camera also accompanies them in sea depths showing the world of free divers without any censorship. Sometimes, their feats may have tragic consequences.

directed by
Ricardo Íscar, portret reżysera
Ricardo Íscar

Ricardo Íscar holds a degree in law and is graduated from the Berlin film school DFFB. He has directed documentaries that reflect his interest in portraying human relations, ethnographic content and poetic value. He is also a lecturer in different Spanish universities. Main filmography Dreamed and Lived (Lo soñado y lo vivido). 2020. 43 min The last fair (La Última Feria). 2016. 34 min The Pit (El Foso). 2012 .110 min Dance to the Spirits (Danza a los Espíritus). 2009. 80 min Loneliness (Soledad). 2008. 25 min The Fence (El Cerco). 2006. 13 min Black Earth (Tierra Negra). 2004. 90 min

Ricardo Íscar
Ricardo Íscar, Alê Paiva
Miguel Lozano, Tewfik Blaoui, Alessia Zecchini, Alexey Molchanov, Walid Boudhiaf
Nascuy Linares
Alessandra Paiva, Carles Matallana
Néstor Betancourt, Domi Parra, Ricardo Íscar
Ricardo Íscar (El Refugio Producciones)
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