God Is Born

Poland2023documentary6'Konkurs polski (2023)

It is a hot summer day in August 2022. Harvesting is in progress in the Polish countryside. It follows the same routine as every year until is it interrupted by an unexpected aberration. This six-minute film miniature offers a surprising take on the multi-layer crisis caused by the war in Ukraine. In the form of contemplation cinema, the artists have managed to capture how global changes may influence a local community and its microworld, where real life, not manipulated by the media, goes on.

directed by
Piotr Szczepański, portret reżysera
Piotr Szczepański

Cinematographer, photography director, director and scriptwriter. Born in 1975 in Łódź, he is a graduate of the Cinematography Department of the Film School in Łódź. He is a member of the Polish Film Academy, the Directors Guild of Poland and the Documentary Directors Guild of Poland. He applies a Direct Cinema approach to his long observation documentaries. His documentary debut "Cool Kids of Death Generation" brought him the Golden Hobby-Horse at the Krakow Festival in 2004. He worked with Krzysztof Zanussi, Slawomir Fabicki and Krzysztof Wodiczko, among others, in his work for the Venice Biennale.

Piotr Szczepański
Piotr Szczepański
Roman Szczepański, Jan Zambrzycki
Piotr Szczepański
Piotr Szczepański
Piotr Szczepański (Anagram Film), Anna Pachnicka
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