Paying a Visit to Fortuna

Hungary, Croatia2022documentary73'As If in a Mirror

Meet Laci and Aniko – people for whom fortune has been truly good. Their lottery win turned them into millionaires within a day. The film authors accompany them at the moments succeeding the unexpected winning, during the excitement with a new situation and through the slow process of adjusting to the attributes of wealth, such as a white BMW with a driver, successive gigantic television sets and properties over a lake. How to invest money they have not had to pay for practically anything until now? What does an ordinary day in the life of a man who suddenly turned from a pauper to a local mogul look like?

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Q&A guest, portret reżysera
Matyas KalmanQ&A guest

Matyas Kalman graduated as a media designer from Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest. He has worked as a video journalist and Head of Video for major Hungarian news portals, and In 2017 and 2022 he was a guest lecturer at ELTE University Department of Media and Communication, teaching creative documentary and video journalism. Currently, he runs his own production company, COLLOC Productions.

Bence Szemerey, Csaba Bántó, Gergely Somogyvári, Zoltán Lovasi, Matyas Kalman
Matyas Kalman
Matej Merlic
Ágnes Mógor, Péter Sass, Ivor Šonje
Matyas Kalman, Bojan Kanjera, Tibor Keser (COLLOC Productions Kft), Agnes Horvath Szabo (ELF Pictures)
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