Step by Step

Germany2022documentary96'Promised Land

Two young Berliners at the peak of the pandemic decide to turn their life around and finally settle down somewhere far from civilization. In theory, this path towards self-sufficiency and functioning in harmony with nature seems simple, in particular if one has sizeable supplies of patience, an open mind and access to the Internet. In practice, it turns out to be stony and full of bumps. Warm and full of humour and positive energy, it is a film about a family, roots and dreams that become reality. At the same time it is a practical manual for enthusiasts of organic farming.

directed by
Q&A guest, portret reżysera
Felix Starck

Born in Rhineland-Palatinate in 1990, Felix Starck already had the idea of exploring the world on his own at a young age. At 21 years old he cycled the world and transformed the trip into a documentary called PEDAL THE WORLD which reached millions around the world. Afterwards he transformed a school bus in EXPEDITION HAPPINESS which started the vanlife movement. STEP BY STEP is his last documentary.

Camilo Paredes Linares
Maria Valentina Blaumann Alcantara
animated by
Carla Rocio Blaumann Alcantara
Anna Kühlein
Denys Darahan
Felix Starck (Koryphäen Film GmbH)
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