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The film is a reconstruction of the attack on the Savoy Hotel in Tel Aviv carried out by Palestinian terrorists in 1975. Its authors have employed rich archival footage, media reports as well as professional and amateur audio materials to capture what happened in the most comprehensive way possible. This painfully realistic re-creation, which reveals the complex relationship between the attackers and the hostages, was based on the notes of one victim. Kohava was planning to spend an exciting night at the Savoy but, by a twist of fate, she became one of the key figures in the drama that shook the world.

directed by
Q&A guest, portret reżysera
Zohar Wagner

Born in Israel, 1970. Since 1999 until present, Zohar Wagner is directing documentary films and documentary and investigative series for the Israeli Television. She directed four documentary films focusing on her personal life (''Zorki'', ''Stretch Marks'', ''Doll'', ''A Tale of Two''). And ''21 days'' (Grand Prix IMPACT at FIPADOC 2020). Her last film is ''Savoy'' won at the Jerusalem Film Festival two awards: Best Documentary Director Award and Best Editing Award and was selected for FIPADOC, SBIFF and Krakow Film Festival 2023.

Mosh Mishali
Zohar Wagner
Dana Ivgy, Ala Dakka, Imri Biton, Jalal Masrwa, Nehad Rada
Ophir Leibovitch
Nili Feller, Shauly Melamed
Zohar Wagner (Zohar Wagner Productions)
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