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Vika, who is 84, is one of the eldest DJs in the world. Because of her attitude, she is far from any stereotypes about senior citizens. Adored and surrounded by a young audience, she prooves that age is just a number. Her life is filled with music, dance and unconstrained joy, but there is a dark side of this story. To fulfil her dreams, Vika made decisions that left a mark on her relationship with her own family. The most recent film by Agnieszka Zwiefka is a bittersweet documentary musical about consistence in following your own path and fighting for your dreams.

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Agnieszka ZwiefkaQ&A guest

Director of documentary features such as: "Scars" (2020) and "Queen of Silence" (2014), which premiered at IDFA 2014, nad was awarded, among others, with a Silver Horn in Kraków Film Festival 2015. It was in "Queen of Silence" that we saw a combination of an obsevational documentary and a musical for the first time. This original film language became the basis for creating the story about DJ Vika. Currently, Agnieszka is working on another documentary, "Runa", about a young girl-refugee, and on her fiction debut.

Monika Kotecka
Agnieszka Zwiefka
Wirginia (Wika) Szmyt
Paivi Takala
Katarzyna Szczerba, Anna Rok, Pietari Koskinen
Katarzyna Orzechowska, Michał Poddębniak
Katarzyna Ślesicka, Anna Stylińska (My Way Studio)
Kadr z filmu Vika!