Hung Up on a Dream: The Zombies Documentary

USA2023documentary109'International DocFilmMusic Competition

Adored by Harry Styles and the Haim sisters, they were once loved by Tom Petty, too. The Zombies are a true legend that began 60 years ago in the British provinces. A group of teenagers raised in the local pub culture soon proved it to the world that the Beatles were not everything. Today, these rock veterans have not lost any vigour, either. They will tell us the story of the band from the time of the great explosion of this genre to the modern day and explain how the band’s style has been changing, too. Despite grey hair or poor health, the Zombies seem to be immortal.

directed by
Q&A guest, portret reżysera
Robert Schwartzman

Robert started his career appearing in "The Virgin Suicides", "The Princess Diaries" & went on to form the platinum selling rock band "Rooney". Robert directed and produced "The Unicorn", "Dreamland" and "The Argument". He also co-founded the film/tv production & distribution company Utopia. "The Zombies - Hung up on a dream" is Robert's documentary directorial debut.

Michael Rizzi
Meryl Goodwin
Russell Wayne Groves (The Ranch Productions)
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