During the preliminary round, there are 160 of them. Then, about 80. Then 40. At last, only 10 lucky ones make it to the final. These are the contestants in the legendary International Chopin Piano Competition, held every five years in Warsaw, Poland. "Pianoforte" follows an eclectic group of young musicians from around the world who have prepared since they were children for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Offering a rare behind the scenes look backstage at the triumphant highs and crushing lows of competition, filmmaker Jakub Piatek (Prime Time, 2021 Sundance Film Festival) captures the intense pressure these musicians face in an experience that combines tears of exhaustion and despair with the ecstatic joy of playing. "Pianoforte" is both, a testament to the power of remarkable music and an intimate coming-of-age portrait of young pianists navigating the rigors of competition, intense practice sessions, new friendships, lots of drama, and even more nerves.

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Born in 1985. He studied Culture at the University of Warsaw and graduated from Film Directing at the Film School in Łódź. He is associated with the Wajda School (Polish-German project Reflection). As an artistic supervisor, he has collaborated on documentary miniatures as part of the following projects: Videonotacje, Polska.doc and the Film Kindergarten. His short film debut "Mother" (2009) has been screened at almost 50 international film festivals and won several awards. Currently, he is working on the project "A Film for My Mom".

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