The Dmitriev Affair

The Netherlands2023documentary95'International Documentary Competition

The case of Yuriy Dmitriev shows from up close how Putin’s regime treats those who are searching for the truth despite the official historical policy. The protagonist is one of the members of Memorial, a human rights organisation exploring Stalinist crimes who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and delegalized by the Russian authorities. Six years ago, this prominent historian and social activist was accused of the creation of child pornography with the participation of his adopted daughter. The film shows his tragic live at the same time offering a fascinating study of manipulation and violence.

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Jessica GorterQ&A guest

Jessica Gorter is a Dutch documentary filmmaker. She studied directing and editing at the Dutch Film and Television Academy in Amsterdam. As a teenager she lived for several years in the United States and after completing her studies, she worked and traveled in Russia for a longer period of time. Her experience of these different worlds, fueled by her passion for photography, forms an important basis for her further work. Her award-winning films are screened worldwide at film festivals and universities, theatrically released and broadcasted internationally. Her films have been shown at many different film festivals and broadcasted in various different countries. She also directed tv-programs for Dutch television (Human, VPRO) and worked as an editor for various documentaries. Her documentary ‘900 Days’ (2011), was awarded best Dutch film at IDFA 2011.

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Jessica Gorter
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