Awarded films – The National Competition

9 films
Strong, moving films, bold forms, taboo-breaking stories with a touch of humor.
  • Comme Des Cowboys

    dir. Julia Sadowska

    Can one’s adolescent love which ended with separation flourish again after years? Julita and Stacy parted ways, but now they meet again at a stud farm where Julita is working together with her mother. Stacy comes to participate in an important competition. The infatuation is back, but is it worth the reopening of old wounds?

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    film still Comme Des Cowboys
    Awards:Golden Hobby-Horse
  • Everything Needs to Live [PL audio description] (Wszystko ma żyć)

    dir. Tetiana Dorodnitsyna, Andrii Lytvynenko

    Whoever saves one life, saves the entire world – that’s the motto of Anna, the strongest woman in the world, who loves animals. After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Anna joined by a group of volunteers are doing everything possible to save as many wounded and abandoned animals as they can in these difficult days.

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    film still Everything Needs to Live [PL audio description]
  • Koka

    dir. Aliaksandr Tsymbaliuk

    On the coast of the Bering Sea, where time has stopped, a father and son make a living by fishing. They live in austere, almost ascetic conditions, where the rhythm of life is determined by successive fishing trips.

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    film still Koka
    Awards:Special Award
  • Only Day And Night [PL audio description] (Tylko dzień i noc)

    dir. Grzegorz Brzozowski

    In the pandemic, during the strict lockdown period, human contacts were limited. Online conversations became the most common way of communication. The director employed them to talk to people stuck alone at home, just like him. What were they afraid of? How were they doing?

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    film still Only Day And Night [PL audio description]
  • Silent Trees (Drzewa milczą)

    dir. Agnieszka Zwiefka

    Runa, a 16-year-old Kurdish girl, had escaped from Iraq to avoid the attacks of ISIS and, together with her family, became stuck on the Polish-Belorussian border. Eventually, she managed to reach Poland, where she needed to grow up at an accelerated speed. Thanks to her animated drawings, the audience can discover more about her.

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    film still Silent Trees
    Awards:Golden Hobby-Horse / Wyróżnienia
  • There Will Be No Other End (Innego końca nie będzie)

    dir. Piotr Milczarek

    A depressing vision in which the end of the world is not spectacular and may arrive unnoticed. Humans are to blame for the failure – their stupidity, pride, thoughtlessness, lack of empathy and irresponsibility. A satire on contemporary society in five acts, which reveals human faults and weaknesses in a humorous way.

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    film still There Will Be No Other End
    Awards:Golden Hobby-Horse
  • The Miracle (Cud)

    dir. Ewa Borysewicz

    The life of a young man, a hedonist and a sinner, is turned upside down when his wife becomes pregnant. The protagonist tries to escape, but it does not bring him any comfort. To the contrary, it complicates his life even more. Combining animation with acting, the film borders on experimental cinema.

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    film still The Miracle
    Awards:Special Mention / Special Award
  • The Power of Resistance (Siła oporu)

    dir. Elżbieta Benkowska

    Olga’s political idealism and hopes for a better future are put to the hardest of tests. The authoritarian, omniscient communist authorities are determined to break down the actress when her father is in hospital fighting for his life, while her husband is in prison. Olga needs to make a choice.

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    film still The Power of Resistance
    Awards:Special Mention
  • Tiger Soup (Zupa z tygrysa)

    dir. Kacper Świtalski

    A clash of grey communist reality with the American dream. A nostalgic story of Staś, a welder, who left Poland in the 1970s to start working in the biggest and oldest travelling circus in the world.

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    film still Tiger Soup
    Awards:Golden Hobby-Horse