Awarded films – The National Competition

6 filmów
Strong, moving films, bold forms, taboo-breaking stories with a touch of humor.
  • Boylesque

    dir. Bogna Kowalczyk

    Lulla la Polaca is the oldest Polish drag queen, fighting for the right to individual expression. The film shows Lulla’s more private side: the one of a sensitive dreamer treating his presence in front of the camera like another virtuoso performance.

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    film still Boylesque
    Awards:Silver Hobby-Horse / Special Award
  • God and Lunaparks' Warriors (Bóg i Wojownicy Lunaparków)

    dir. Bartłomiej Żmuda

    A son, overwhelmed by a religious zeal, embarks upon a crusade to convert his father. The neophyte’s fervour will be put to a test by the unapologetic, sharp-tongued anticlerical.

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    film still God and Lunaparks
    Awards:Special Award
  • Impossible Figures and Other Stories I (Figury niemożliwe i inne historie I)

    dir. Marta Pajek

    The third and final part of Marta Pajek’s series shows the protagonist walking through a deserted city. Empty streets stretching endlessly create a labyrinth of figures and geometric shapes. The city absorbs us, frightens and evokes anxiety and only the wrinkles on the characters’ faces remind us that life once flourished here.

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    film still Impossible Figures and Other Stories I
    Awards:Silver Hobby-Horse
  • The Hamlet Syndrome (Syndrom Hamleta)

    dir. Elwira Niewiera, Piotr Rosołowski

    ‘To be or not to be’ – these words take on new meanings in wartime conditions. A few months before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine a group of young people prepare a play in which Shakespeare will voice their own doubts, fears and dreams. Life, theatre and cinema blend into one for a moment turning into a thrilling psychodrama.

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    film still The Hamlet Syndrome
    Awards:Golden Hobby-Horse / Special Mention / Nagrody specjalne
  • The Rocking Horses (Koniki na biegunach)

    dir. Marcin Lesisz

    A touching, warm and painfully accurate portrait of a person with mental disability. Animation brings Ewa’s drawings to life and helps us to see the world though her eyes. We may realise what kind of problems she faces and notice the person, not the illness; the person who has the right to be who she wants to be.

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    film still The Rocking Horses
    Awards:Silver Hobby-Horse
  • The Voice (Głos)

    dir. Dominika Montean-Pańków

    The Jesuit Order novitiate is a severe form of a trial. During two years of isolation from society and the comforts of civilisation, young men have enough time to ponder the question: Is the religious life for me?

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    film still The Voice
    Awards:Nagrody specjalne