Films that give solace

5 films
  • Abel

    dir. Dekel Berenson, Paul Wesley

    Life follows its own rhythm in boundless mountains, but a broken heart hurts as much there as in any other corner of the world. Abel, who is 17, does not expect his girlfriend to tell him that they should stop talking to each other. He will receive support from the least expected direction.

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  • Ends and Beginnings (Końce i początki)

    dir. Klaudia Fortuniak

    In this film, the viewers may get lost in the maze of human biographies. The protagonists’ stories coincide in the least expected circumstances because of a thief’s trick. Someone mistakes days, another person always has a getaway plan, and for someone else the first kiss will taste and smell like a strawberry field.

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  • Flying Hands

    dir. Marta Gómez, Paula Iglesias

    In the Baltistan region, Aniqa Bano gives birth to a deaf girl, Narjis. She was, until then, unaware children with such disabilities were rejected by their families and not given an identity or a name.

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  • Kawauso

    dir. Akihito Izuhara

    A young girl and a river otter in an empty town do not develop into a story of great friendship between a human being and an animal. The protagonists are trying to establish some contact but they are total strangers. The starting point for this contemplative animation is the extinction of the river otter in Japan.

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    Awards:Golden Dragon
  • Potatoes (Ziemniaki)

    dir. Marcin Podolec

    The list of the father’s expectations from his son makes the young boy feel insufficiently good. The situation changes when the son becomes a parent himself. Will he set the bar for his own child equally high? A charming animation about parenthood, unfulfilled ambitions and letting oneself err.

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    film still Potatoes