Only one week left for submission for the 58th KFF – first deadline!

Krakow Film Festival is waiting for your film!


Films made prior to 31 October 2017 can be submitted only for one more weektill 30 November.


We are waiting for documentary, animated and short film submissions to four competitions of equal rank – one national and three international ones: Short Film Competition, Documentary Competition and DocFilmMusic Competition for music documentary films.


The deadlines for submitting films to the selection in the short, documentary and DocFilmMusic competitions:

for films made prior to 31 October 2017: 30 November 2017

for films made after 31 October 2017: 31 January 2018


Submit your film >> ENTRY FORM


More information about the submission HERE



58th Krakow Film Festival is held from 27 May to 3 June 2018.