Grand Prix – Golden Dragon – ex aequo:

„The Founatain”/ „Źrodło” directed by Tadeusz Jaworski – WFD

„First Shift”/ „Pierwsza zmiana” directed by Janusz Kidawa – WFD

Golden Dragon – The President of National Council Presidium in Cracow Award: „Essays”/ „Eseje” directed by Franciszek Fuchs – WFD

Golden Dragon – NZK Award for the best film for children: „Story About A Dragon”/ „Bajka o smoku” directed by Mirosław Kijowicz – SFR


for the best achievement in documentary:

I Prize – Golden Dragon: „Requiem for 500. 000”/ „Requiem dla 500. 000” directed by Jerzy Bossak and Wacław Kazimierczak – WFD

II Prize – Silver Dragon: „Fleischer’s Album”/ „Album Fleischera” directed by Janusz Majewski – WFD

III Prize – Bronze Dragon: „Odra River” directed by Jerzy Wolen – Czołówka


for the best achievement in educational film:

I Prize – Golden Dragon: „A Dinosaur” directed by Witld Giersz – SMF

II Prize – Silver Dragon: „A Mirror and I”/ „Lustro i ja” directed by Jadwiga Żukowska – WFO

III Prize – Bronze Dragon: „The Raftsmen”/ „Flisacy” directed by Stanisław Grabowski – WFO


for the best achievement in animated film:

I Prize – Golden Dragon: „The Labirynth”/ „Labirynt” directed by Jan Lenica SMF

II Prize – Silver Dragon – ex aequo: „The White Waltz”/ „Biały walc” directed by Edward Etler – WFO

„Don Juan” directed by Jerzy Zitzman – SFR

III Prize – Bronze Dragon – ex aequo: „Litera” reż. Daniel Szczechura – Semafor

„Around The World In 10 Minutes”/ „W 10 minut dookoła świata” directed by Jerzy Kotowski – Semafor


for the best achievement in the other forms:

I Prize – Golden Dragon: „Mammals”/ „Ssaki” directed by Roman Polański – Semafor

II Prize – Silver Dragon: „The White Waltz”/ „Biały walc” directed by Edward Etler – WFO

III Prize – Bronze Dragon: was not granted


The Journalist Prize “Warsaw Mermaid”: “The Fountain”/ “Źródło” directed by Tadeusz Jaworski – WFD