Dear! We already know the winners and laureates of the 64th Krakow Film Festival. If you are curious about the jurors’ justifications, the films honored with the most important awards will be shown tomorrow at the Academy of Fine Arts (13 Matejki Square) from 12:00 p.m. Below is a small download of the full program of tomorrow’s screenings.

Meanwhile, we want to thank you all for this beautiful week, full of joy and emotion. We hope to see you next year for the 65th edition!



“Silent Trees”, dir. Agnieszka Zwiefka (Kino ASP, 12:00)

Runa, a 16-year-old Kurdish girl, had escaped from Iraq to avoid the attacks of ISIS and, together with her family, became stuck on the Polish-Belorussian border. Eventually, she managed to reach Poland, where she needed to grow up at an accelerated speed. Thanks to her animated drawings, the audience can discover more about her.


“Kawauso”, dir. Akihito Izuhara (Kino ASP, 14:00)

A young girl and a river otter in an empty town do not develop into a story of great friendship between a human being and an animal. The protagonists are trying to establish some contact but they are total strangers. The starting point for this contemplative animation is the extinction of the river otter in Japan.

Srebrny Róg – Konkurs Dokumentalny.

“A Year in the Life of the Country”, dir. Tomasz Wolski (Kino ASP, 14:00)

Martial law, which was imposed in Poland on 13 December 1981, targeted the Solidarity movement, but it had other faces, too. On the basis of exclusively archival footage, the film explores the backstage of the past events. It undermines the mythicised image of Polish society as a victim of the system.

The Golden Horn – DOCUMENTARY COMPETITION “Of Caravan and The Dogs”, dir. Askold Kurov, Anonymous 1(Kino ASP, 16:00)

In Russia, those who hail the truth are considered foreign intelligence agents. One example is journalists of Novaya Gazeta, which received the Nobel Peace Prize six months before the invasion of Ukraine. How to maintain independence when the screws are being put on even harder?

The Golden Heynal – DOCFILMMUSIC COMPETITION “Teaches of Peaches”, dir. Philipp Fussenegger, Judy Landkammer

Peaches, who is a performer, provoker and a sassy lady, does not slow down in the sixth decade of her life. To the contrary, her tour celebrating the 20th anniversary of her album ‘Teaches of Peaches’ was an explosion of creativity. For the filmmakers, it was an opportunity to find out more about this rebellious artist, an icon of feminism and queer culture.


“There Will Be No Other End”, dir. Piotr Milczarek (Kino ASP, 20:00)

A depressing vision in which the end of the world is not spectacular and may arrive unnoticed. Humans are to blame for the failure – their stupidity, pride, thoughtlessness, lack of empathy and irresponsibility. A satire on contemporary society in five acts, which reveals human faults and weaknesses in a humorous way.

“Comme Des Cowboys”, dir. Julia Sadowska (ASP, godz. 20:00)

Can one’s adolescent love which ended with separation flourish again after years? Julita and Stacy parted ways, but now they meet again at a stud farm where Julita is working together with her mother. Stacy comes to participate in an important competition. The infatuation is back, but is it worth the reopening of old wounds?

“Tiger Soup”, dir. Kacper Świtalski (Kino ASP, 20:00)

A clash of grey communist reality with the American dream. A nostalgic story of Staś, a welder, who left Poland in the 1970s to start working in the biggest and oldest travelling circus in the world.

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